Workshop III (2014)

December 19th. Free University Brussels (VUB), Pleinlaan 2, 1050, Brussels, Belgium.

The Centre for Ethics and Humanism (Free University Brussels) and the Centre for Critical Philosophy (Ghent University) are very pleased to announce the third edition of the workshop Rethinking Europe.

This year the workshop will focus on the tensions between cosmopolitan/universalist discourses and the experience of otherness. Keynote speaker is Prof. Dr. Lukas Sosoe of the University of Luxembourg.


  • 16:00. Lukas Held (Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès) Blumenberg's Hermeneutics of the Other.
  • 16:30. Elisabeth Lefort (Université de Luxembourg) Hans Kelsen and Claude Lefort : on Human Rights and Democracy.

  • Coffee break

  • 17:15. Mihail Evans (Institute for Advanced Studies, NEC, Bucharest) Husserl, the gypsies and Europe.
  • 17:45. Petr Agha (Universiteit Antwerpen) The Burqa Ban's Dark Side - Uncovering Face Covering Bans.
  • Coffee break

  • 18:30. Keynote lecture
    Lukas Sosoe (Université de Luxembourg) The Birth of the European Cosmopolitan Idea.

Workshop II (2012)

October 11th. Université libre de Bruxelles, Campus Solbosch, Avenue Jeanne, 44, 1040 Brussels, 12th Floor, Salle Doucy, Belgium.

The Centre de Théorie Politique (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in cooperation with the Centre for Critical Philosophy (Ghent University) are pleased to announce the second edition of Rethinking Europe:.Europe, between Kantian cosmopolitanism and crisis of civilization


  • 10:00. Emiliano Acosta (Ugent) Oppressive and emancipating Cosmopolitan Discourses. An introduction to the problem of cosmopolitanism.
  • 10:30. David Engels (ULB) La crise de l'Union européenne et la chute de la république romaine - quelques analogies.
  • Coffee break

  • 11:15. Quentin Landenne (ULB) La crise de la démocratie européenne et le cosmopolitisme kantien.
  • 11:45. Martin Deleixhe (ULB) The blurred boundary between the right of sojourn and the right of residence.
  • 12:15. Discussion
  • Lunch pause

  • 14:00. Marco Bazzan (Univ. Padova/Toulouse) Les enjeux européens de la dispute entre Kautsky et Lénine.
  • 14:30. Jan De Vos (Ugent) Neuropolitics and cosmopolitanism.
  • Coffee break

  • 15:20. Laszlo Kosolosky & Jan De Winter (Ugent) Well-ordered science, and how to obtain a more fair research agenda.
  • 15:50. Discussion

Workshop I (2011)

February 3rd. Ghent University, Department of Philosophy & Moral Science. Blandijnberg 2, room 219, Ghent, Belgium.

Rethinking Europe is organized by the Centre for Critical Philosophy in cooperation with the Centre de Philosophie du Droit (UCL). The workshop aims to serve as a place for reflection, discussion and innovation towards theories of Government, the limits and the potential of Democracy, Public Sphere, the tensions between Civil and Civic and between Society and State.


  • 9:30. Reception
  • 9:45. Welcome Words by Prof. Dr. Gertrudis Van de Vijver, director of the Centre for Critical Philosophy.
  • 1st Section 10:00 - 11:30. Re-thinking theories of Society and State Delia.
    Popa & Benoît Kanabus (Centre de Philosophie du Droit, UCL) The social critique in the light of the practical phenomenology.
    Alain Loute & Fabio Bruschi (Centre de Philosophie du Droit, UCL) The ideal-realistic method of Georges Gurvitch: an intellectual intervention aimed at instituting the social right.
  • Coffee break

  • 2nd Section 11:45 - 13:15. Re-thinking the European Legacy.
    Emiliano Acosta (Centre for Critical Philosophy, Ghent University) The function of 17th and 18th century Freemasonry as a socio-political institution in the development of the European Enlightenment.
    Boris Demarest (Centre for Critical Philosophy, Ghent University) The Ideal (of) Democracy. Multitude and Multiplicity in Spinoza's Political Ontology
  • Launch pause

  • 3rd Section 14:30 - 16:00. Re-thinking the European Union I.
    Franc Rottiers (Centre for Critical Philosophy, Ghent University) Illegal democratic justice.
    Marco Bazzan (Università di Padova/ Université de Toulouse Le Mirail) About Europhilosophy: project and challenges.
  • Coffee break

  • 4th Section: 16:15 - 17:45. Re-thinking the European Union II.
    Henk Vandaele (Centre for Critical Philosophy, Ghent University) A critical analysis of the European Council as a mediator for a European Union.
    Markus Wirtz (University of Cologne) Europe's marginalization - a philosophical threat? Reflections between Derrida, Habermas and Sloterdijk.
  • Coffee break

  • 18:00 - 18:45. Prof. Dr. Marc Maesschalck (closing presentation)